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Cruising in the Argonne

We didn't have any docents show up to work today (wherefore art thou, Julio?), so Willy forced me to take the wheel of the 1920 Argonne roadster this evening. I learned two things. First, people really get excited when they see this car (watching a group of tourists frantically dig for their cameras as we drive up is rather entertaining). Second, I look ridiculous in a cloche hat.

Cruising around in a fantastic car on a lovely evening is quite fun--even more entertaining than watching our tallest docent, Rick, try to figure out how to get behind the wheel of it. It's funny how it took so long for car designers to develop adjustable seats! Rick finally managed to get in by putting his feet onto the floorboard first, then maneuvering his knees sideways under the steering wheel like some circus contortionist, and finally sitting down. I'm short, but even I had trouble squeezing behind that big steering wheel.

Earlier, Willy had the hood up on the Argonne and I snapped a photo of the plate on the Rochester-Duesenberg engine. I love "The Power of the Hour" slogan on it (click on the photo for an enlarged version).

I'm guessing the Argonne will head back to its spot the museum floor tomorrow. I wonder what car Willy will roll out next? I vote for the 1907 Franklin!

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