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Kirkland Concours Results in Win for our 1917 Pierce-Arrow!

by Derik Price

Last weekend Tim and Willy participated in presenting our 1921 Heine-Velox and the 1917 Pierce-Arrow in the Kirkland Concours.   The 1917 Pierce-Arrow won a Recipient's Choice award and everyone had a great time.


(Photo courtesy of Kirklandviews.com) 

Big thanks to Al Murray of Murray Motorcars for getting them ready and doing the leg work on getting them to the show - A huge amount of effort goes into getting these vehicles to a show.

Next stop for the vehicles is Fairbanks!  The 1917 Pierce was purchased recently, at Pebble Beach, and the 1921 Heine-Velox has been in restoration at Al Schmidt's in Southern California for almost two years.  We look forward to seeing these vehicles here in Alaska.

As a teaser - The 1921 Heine-Velox and the 1912 Premier are scheduled to leave Washington next week and we anticipate their arrival at the Museum sometime around Sept. 27th.  The 1917 Pierce and the 1907 White Steamer ship a couple weeks behind them!
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  1. We see you lifted this entirely from our blog at http://fountainheadauto.blogspot.com/ without giving credit to the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum http://www.fountainheadmuseum.com/. What's up with that?


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