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No Bombs Here!

by Nancy DeWitt

More and more people are discovering that the Fountainhead Museum is an excellent place to host a classy party or event. Recently, the Alaska Bar Association rented our facility for a reception for their annual convention. Because three of their guests were Federal judges, the museum was inspected beforehand by several U.S. Marshals and a bomb-detection dog. Willy said it was fascinating to watch the dog work, especially when it reached this video kiosk:

Suddenly, the dog was "on." It excitedly worked its way around the corner and then sat down in front of the clothing case--a sign that it had found its target. Was that silly canine pointing out the old fur attire in the case?

Nope. That amazing dog and its sensitive nose had detected--through the glass--the smell of gun powder in an old rifle that hasn't been fired in years. Wow!

If you would like to host an event in our bomb-free museum, give Cherie a call at 907-450-2166.
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