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2010 Intelligent Transportation Systems Review

There are two sides of the "smart highways." There are those who think the term is an oxymoron, and those who believe that technological improvements in the design of intelligent road toll systems, infrastructure and vehicles with low emissions is the only way to improve urban pollution and congestion. Safety is always important, whether for cars, trains, planes, buses, trucks or boats.

Heading the list is how the positioning system (GPS) plays in the mixture. A new development is the way texting on smartphones or even about a basic mobile phone affects the driving behavior. Points of view or increasing complexity polarizing not only the economy of the United States and Europe, but in other parts of the world. How much security, convenience, telematics, vehicle improvements over the world can really afford it? It is the red-light cameras will help or hinder the application of the law?  market research reports      

There are electronic signs help or a distraction? Good data collection to support the practice of funding infrastructure through special taxes, in the form of vehicle registration and fuel taxes. Among the many tools used to evaluate the transportation system, economists have found a measure of the capital stock to be a useful for determining the capacity of the transport system.

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