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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Progress Review 2010

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Progress Report covers the technical development of electric vehicles, hybrids and fuel cell vehicles and industrial and financial news relating to the development of this market sector. No hybrid vehicle (HV), no hybrid plug-in hybrid (PHEV), no fuel cell (FC) of the vehicle, or the so-called pure electric vehicle (EV), and no traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) for vehicles operating without a battery type. The place to watch the evolution of zero-emission vehicles is to improve the battery chemistry. According to the survey, they are called secondary batteries or rechargeable batteries.

While consumers bought only a hint of lead acid (Pb-acid) battery of your car, you know that the batteries cost a considerable amount of money. The standard battery was invented in 1859 and has been improved since all of them. This chemistry is the best choice for automotive starting, lighting and ignition applications (SLI). market research reports   

In comparison with other vehicles in the chemistry of the battery lead acid battery is low cost and overload tolerance, and can be left in charge of maintenance for long periods of time. Providers are available worldwide and is the most recycled product in the world. There is also a list of drawbacks to this chemical as well as being heavy and bulky, requiring storage in a charged state to prevent deterioration of chemicals.

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