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Supplying Toyota

Two of the most difficult years of its history with its first loss in over 70 years and a series of far-reaching effects of global recalls compromising the reliability of the automobile of the Aura, the world's largest producer of cars is expected to return solid business fundamentals, and back to a positive customer needs, has boasted for years.

To activate these changes Akio Toyoda, president of the company, decided to make the organization leaner, reducing the number of directors on the board of the company (27 to 11) and expel some key staff members, including former President Watanabe, who oversaw the expansion of Toyota from 2005 to 2009 and was still on the board. Market Research Reports               

Wide range of local and foreign affiliates mostly rationalization are the two main drivers of Toyota's purchasing strategy, the first item in line with the decision to locate a greater proportion of production closer to end markets as a continuation of the program CCC21 the 2000s that resulted in substantial savings for the manufacturer.

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