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Automatic Vending 2011 - Market Report

In the UK market through the sale of vending machines is estimated to have fallen Key Note: The value 1.1% in 2010 to £ 1.92bn, while the amount of the UK soft drinks from vending machines have been around 449 000 in 2010, 2.9% from 2009 figures. Information on national statistics, the cost of food the family was up 5.3% to € 88.2bn in 2010. Sale of refreshment vending machines was estimated at 1.7% of this amount, while the number of cigarette vending machines has decreased by 13% to 60,000 in 2010, because of the smoking ban and the continued negative press surrounding the cigarettes .

The market for ATMs has three key areas - machines refreshment, cigarette / tobacco machines and other machines. Refreshment vending machines offer a wide range of products, including hot and cold drinks, sweets, sandwiches, snacks and hot and cold meals. Kiosks are by far the largest sector of the machines on the market. The area of ​​cigarette vending machines has dropped dramatically in recent years. This is mainly due to the decrease in the number of smokers and the smoking ban in enclosed and pubs. The area of ​​the second machine offers the widest range of products, including condoms, optical media, stationery and computer accessories. company profile

Modest growth and continued economic uncertainty observed in England in 2010 resulted in a bit of a transition period for the vending machine industry. The amount of these machines were predicted to have decreased in all three sectors in 2010, although most of the costs meant family food sector Refresh has achieved modest growth. The area of ​​the second sentence was also estimated to have observed a low level of growth. But the decline in cigarette vending machines on the market was the main reason for the decline in the global market in 2010.  market research reports              

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