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Report on Indian Passenger Vehicle Industry

Cars (PV) industry has always been a barometer of financial health of the nation. Indian PV market sentiment has significantly positive message to the crisis. The economic recovery combined with new models, easy availability of funding and aggressive pricing, almost all operators in the pharmaceutical industry has helped a lot. The observation of an enormous potential demand, almost all the major manufacturers have to produce a variety of strategies to bring a new model, promotions, etc. to increase their market presence.

It is expected that the Indian market is likely to witness solar variations and 50 launches of new models is FY12. Global majors such as Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Renault and Toyota are likely to come up with new product launches the compact car that is to improve the level of competition. In addition, the industry is also witnessing a structural change, such as diesel cars are still a foothold in the back of improved engine technology, which improves fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The growing difference between the retail prices of diesel and gasoline is also affected by the buyers opt for diesel cars. company profile

In FY10, almost all manufacturers have recorded a healthy growth in their top-line growth driven by volume and realization. Operating profit margin improvement is also observed as a result of falling commodity prices. In the future it is expected that the top line will continue to witness healthy growth scenario, but the industry meet the challenges of rising commodity prices and increasing interest, thereby reducing the bottom line.  market research reports   

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