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Some practical tips from Ford to combat the problems of frost

Who will test with credit cards, some with nails, some even with high heels are just some of the more bizarre methods to free the vehicle when the windows are covered with snow or ice . But what are the best solutions if the temperature is below freezing or snowfall? Here are some tips from Ford to defrost the windshield, rear window glass of the car and usually when they are covered with a layer of ice.

ICER are commercially available chemical, electrical and mechanical systems, each with advantages and disadvantages.

The electric heaters - similar to hair-dryer, which are fed from the cigarette lighter - are a bit 'slow, but they are a very clean solution.

If you quickly forget the hot air heating system directed toward the windshield of the car: in addition to having to wait until the engine is hot, sprinkle the hot air inside takes a long time to heat the windshield , and can be effective only at the bottom. sprays but are faster , but besides the cost, often use gas that can be harmful to the environment, can also happen to find themselves exhausted the can at the very moment of need.

The hot water is Instead a remedy "DIY" must be avoided : the thermal shock caused by the application of sudden a hot liquid on an object can cause ice damage to the windshield heat twist , the wipers and plastic parts.

The water that runs off the car can also refreeze quickly, creating dangerous sheets of ice for the movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

Although it is common practice, it is good to remember that pouring hot water on the windshield ice is unwise and dangerous.

The use of plastic objects is not recommended : may scratch or damage the glass , while those with a rubber edge, like a glove, are not very effective. The Ford customers, by contrast, can enjoy the best of a waking up with the snowy streets, thanks to technology Quickclear.

The system uses a network of resistors encapsulated between two thin layers of the windscreen , which heat up quickly remove ice and snow and demisting in seconds, ensuring optimal visibility. The system , patented, made ​​its debut just over 25 years ago installed on Scorpio and, despite his age, continues to be a very popular board all Ford models.
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