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What's the Best Car to Buy for a New Driver?

There are many factors to take into account when buying a car for the first time driver. Although there are cases of newly-licensed drivers who are well into their middle years, today's majority of new drivers are in their teenage years or just past it. More often than not, these people still live with their parents, can't afford to buy a new car on their own and yet are excited at the prospect of being able to go places that they couldn't go to before. Worryingly, this age bracket is also statistically the most high-risk, because of the tendency of teenagers to drive recklessly, many times drunk, and thus get into serious accidents.

To get into a car, newly-licensed teenage drivers must often ask for help from their parents to buy even a used car. For first-time drivers, it makes sense to buy a car that has modest performance, is not a fuel guzzler and is cheap to maintain. It's also a fact that insurance companies automatically put young drivers in a high premium bracket. Combine this with a high performance car and insurance companies may charge you a premium that will make your hair stand on end. With these in mind, it makes sense to buy a Japanese car, online being a good option. Japanese cars are generally miserly on fuel, are cheap to maintain and repair and normally don't get charged high insurance premiums, unless you're looking to buy a Japanese car online that is a Nissan Skyline or a Toyota Supra.
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