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BMW Dynamic Light Spot

BMW has developed a system to recognize pedestrians at night, which directs them automatically to a beam of light to alert the driver and clearly mark its position. This is called Dynamic Light Spot, and is available as optional equipment.

These systems work together with the night vision system, which uses an infrared camera (or thermal cameras), which requires no previous emission of ultraviolet light (and save energy). The camera is placed at the top of the windshield with the point of view up to 24 degrees and has a range exceeding 100 meters.

Headlights have additional lights that respective light beams and directing lights for pedestrians (or animal) that detects recognition system. This makes it stand out from the shadows (and usually at a distance that light to illuminate as much as only the feet).

This additional light will turn on only when pedestrians are too far away (outside the scope of the low beam, which should be between 50 and 80 m), when the car approached, and the lights that normally illuminate pedestrians and additional lights went out.

This system recognizes the positive people at a distance of 97 meters on average, regardless of the weather. If the driver saw the pedestrian before (or other constraints) can react and prevent the occurrence of various violations and scope.

A study by BMW, pedestrians wearing dark clothing at night and driving with dipped lights, recognizable at a glance by the driver when and only 29 meters away. To give us an idea, running at 80 km / h, stopping distance is about 60 to 65 m. With the new security system is three times the distance at which we are aware of pedestrians or animals.

This system seems very attractive. Now we have to see how much it costs and how quickly became popular makes and models in general (and affordable).
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