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News : Potential Dangers Found in Automobiles

Potential Dangers Found in Automobiles
Potential Dangers Found in Automobiles

For all of the energy, both political and economic, that is spent on the external affects of cars, not enough is spent on the dangerous effects of the chemicals inside of cars and the long-term medical conditions that it can cause in riders. There are so many potential dangers that have been found in automobiles in recent studies that there has actually been political action against the materials that are used inside the plastic and cars, as well as the materials that are used for many other parts of vehicles in general.

Below are some of the more relevant dangers that have been found in automobiles by recent studies, and what you can do to avoid them.

– Compounds in the plastics

If you have ever wondered how they get the plastics inside of vehicles to feel all different kinds of ways – hard when they need it hard, soft when they needed soft – the answer is chemicals that can do a great deal of harm to you if you are around them too much. Many of the materials and plastics in vehicles are also used in PVCs, which have long been shown to be quite detrimental to the long-term health of humans if used improperly.

However, with vehicles, these compounds used in these plastics take on a new level of potential danger. Because of the temperature fluctuation inside cars, these compounds act to become more dangerous when exposed to summer temperatures. They also become quite dangerous if you allow the inside of your car to get dirty, as these compounds will input themselves into the dust particles that you breathe and off of your dashboard and windshield.

Some of the long-term negative effects that prolonged exposure to these compounds in the plastics can cause are mesothelioma, asthma, liver dysfunction and digestive dysfunction. All of these conditions are conditions that cannot be cured, and remain as a permanent lower quality of life for those people unfortunate enough to contract these conditions.

However, you can avoid a great deal of these compounds if you simply keep the inside of your car clean and free of dust particles. These dust particles tend to accumulate on the dashboard and on the inside windshield, so make sure that these two areas are especially clean when you get ready to drive.

Also, another way that you can stay away from these particles is to have someone else clean out your vehicle and do the appropriate services around the brakes, struts and engine parts. However, if you insist on doing these functions yourself, beware of asbestos especially in older vehicles. Exposure to asbestos can also lead to mesothelioma. They are in parts like drum brakes, gaskets, clutches, etc. Make sure that you were a gas mask when you are under the car and when you are lifting the hood of the car in order to access any part of the car that is plastic or that gets extremely hot when the car is in use.

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