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How To Clean Your Hubcaps

The rain poured and you drove through a virtual flood. You thought your car might be swept away as shrubs and branches floated past you on the highway. Of course the waters subsided and the sun came back out. Your hubcaps are those once-beautiful formerly shiny discs on your wheels. They are now caked in mud and the build-up of dried on grime makes you think two things. How in the name of all that is good am I going to get those things clean again and wouldn't it be way easier to just buy a new set of hubcaps or wheel covers altogether?
Sure, the automotive industry is filled with online retailers offering these gorgeous car accessories at reasonable rates. They are still affordable on just about any budget. You don't even have to worry about sacrificing quality or style because you can get high quality merchandise in the latest designs.
If you need a complete set of hubcaps all you need to do is check the size of your tires. The code should be marked on the side of your tire wall, it ends in the letter "R" and another number.
The number after it should be 13, 14, 15 etc and corresponds to the size of your wheel cover. For example, the code that ends in R15 means that you need 15" hubcaps.
Yes, size matters but it's not all about the size of your hubcaps the material they are made of also makes a difference to the aesthetics and can completely change the appearance of your car. If you already have chrome on other parts of your vehicle already, either under the hood or on the outside, it gives a greater uniformity in showing as the pieces are dramatically tied together. Meanwhile, the use of black hubcaps tends to add a touch of intrigue and mystery and they are now becoming more prevalent as people get more adventurous with their customizations.
If you want to get your hubcaps sparkling again you will need to use a bit or a lot of elbow grease depending on how dirty they are. If you drove through lots of mud, there may be caked-on dirt, debris, grass and twigs lodged in that area of your vehicle and a power hose may be needed. If you can remove muddy messes early it may not take as long to wash off. You'll want to soak a rag in a soapy solution and scrub in a circular motion using a toothbrush to tackle any stubborn dirt. Meguiar's All Wheel Cleaner is perfect for factory coated or painted wheels while there are also specific Wheel Cleaners for Aluminum and Chrome Wheels. Meanwhile, you can always add the finishing touch and extra shine with Meguiar's Chrome Polish.
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