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The 2012 Ford Focus Model

The people of today love to drive sporty cars; however, at the same time they want their cars to be compact and reasonably priced too. The 2012 Ford Focus model accurately fits this description. As far as the car's appearance is concerned, its flamboyance has been considerably enhanced by redesigning the design of previous models. Among the selection of vehicles manufactured by Ford, the Focus has been significantly popular ever since it was introduced in the car markets during the 90s era.
The 4-cylinder engine that is present under the hood of the 2012 Ford Focus is capable of generating 140 horsepower. A torque vectoring control is a feature that most costly vehicles are equipped with; however, what makes the 2012 Ford Focus so special is that it is not as expensive but still has this feature. Those who are interested in buying the latest model of the Focus can choose from the hatchback or the sedan version.
The 2012 Ford Focus model offers splendid mileage, which is the most exceptional trait of this vehicle. Buyers who select the SFE (Super Fuel Economy) package will be able to attain up to 40 miles per gallon. When it comes to the gas expenses, people who want to make sure that they achieve mileage depending on the money they spend on gas, will considerably benefit from this package.
The innovative MyFord system of the 2012 Focus is another feature that drivers will relish and significantly benefit from. Drivers who will drive this latest Focus model will not have to move their hands off the steering wheel if they want to change the music that is playing since everything in the vehicle can be controlled via voice commands. When it comes to parking this vehicle, drivers will simply have to control the brakes. The Parking Assist that the Titanium model is equipped with will take care of the rest.
The 2012 Ford Focus has an elegant, comfy and cozy interior within the cabin. To give the interior a modern contemporary look, aluminum and silver trims have been designed as a part of the interior. A V12 power outlet, an adjustable steering wheel, etc., are some of the typical features that this latest Ford Focus is also equipped with. By paying a slightly higher price, buyers can even upgrade the car seats to premium leather that will be much more comfy.
ABS, air bags, etc. are some of the safety features that have also been engineered into the 2012 Ford Focus model. To ensure that this car is completely safe for drivers, more than twelve thousand real-life and virtual tests were conducted by Ford Motors before they approved the manufacturing of the vehicle. Since drivers in the past have been impacted from the side during accidents, therefore, drivers in the latest Ford Focus are protected from the side too by the added B-pillar.
It is therefore, apparent how versatile the 2012 Ford Focus model is, and the best part is that buyers merely have to spend about $18,300 to purchase it.
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