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Hyundai Sonata Diesel Ready To Slide

Car manufacturer from South Korea, Hyundai, announced it has launched Sonata diesel version of the Sonata Variant for customers residing in India. The sixth generation Sonata was prepared to help their sales globally especially in India that is experiencing a downturn.

Hyundai Sonata engined diesel is available in two options, i.e. manual transmission and automatic. Get additional features like great sunroof and now audio is already using the touch screen.

As reported by Motorbeam, Tuesday (3/7/2012) Sonata diesel imported directly from the country's birth, South Korea. 2.2-litre engine which can give off 197 BHP and torque 436 Nm. Engine was already using technology common-rail diesel engines made by Bosch.

Reportedly, Hyundai will begin selling it in November and in July is currently in the stage of preparation. Sonata Diesel is also prepared the Hyundai to suppress the circulation of Volkswagen (VW) electric engined Passat that was booming in India.

Originally, Hyundai said it would not bring the diesel version of the Sonata to market globally. Because of competition cars and diesel fuel consumption are booming, then heard the voice of the Hyundai consumer who had wanted a diesel engined of Sonata.
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