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Lexus LFA SuperCar With Chrome

Essentially a manifestation of genuine Lexus LFA supercar are cool. But what would it be if all the Lexus LFA body wrapped by chrome. These events really happened and carried out by one of the automotive companies, i.e. Exotic Graphix.

Exotic Graphix did a whole body Encasement chrome on the LFA. This is done to follow the prestigious exhibition at Australis MotorEx 2012. As reported by AutoEvolution, Thursday (19/7/2012).

According to event organizers, this is one of the unique and interesting, because in the Encasement chrome on LFA, Exotic Graphix disbursed funds AUD779.000. This price is much higher than the original price. In the United States (U.S.) Lexus LFA priced USD375.000. The current Lexus LFA supercar are sold out. Lexus is only producing 500 units only and no plans to produce them again.

Mere information, Lexus LFA is reinforced by machine type V10 with capacity of 4.800 cc, DOHC, four-cylinder with dual VVT-i. The engine was capable of producing power reaches 552 horsepower at 8.700 RPM engine round. Maximum torque of 480 Nm at 6.800 rpm.
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