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McLaren MP4-12C Spider Launched Next Week

The first generation of the Supercar MP4-12C was launched in 2009 and then, because getting a very positive response, then the super car manufacturer from United Kingdom, McLaren, ready to launch a new generation to the McLaren MP412C automotive market globally.

After much revealed, finally McLaren announced that new generations of MP4-12 C Spider will be launched to the public next week and it's been open throughout the booking either United States dealer of McLaren at (USA) as well as Europe. As reported by Inautonews, Sunday (1/7/2012).

The MP4-12C Spider this new generation a lot of changes compared to generation length. In addition it looks an increasingly interesting, power also experienced changes that are now given the V8 engine capacity 3.8-litre twin turbo.

These machines are capable of spewing power 616 horsepower 7.500 RPM engine on lap and 600 Nm of torque rounds engine at 3.000 to 7.000 RPM. The machine was getting extra power 25 horsepower, so much quicker than its predecessor generation.

Regarding the price, for consumers who are in the United States (US) sold USD 241.800. The price is much more expensive than the previous generation. Reportedly, the MP4-12C Spider will first was launched in the United States than in his native country, United Kingdom.
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